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    2000 9-3 Convertible 205R
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    Timing Chain Noise, Sounds on the Valve Cover.

    Hi Y'all
    I have a 2000 9-3 Convertible with the 205R engine and I have been trying to figure out a noise.
    It sounds on the front of the engine and specifically by the valve cover.
    Like a slap of the chain between the two sprockets. It has a new tensioner, but when I removed the valve cover and push on the middle of the two sprocket on the chain...it does deflect. This is the second tensioner installed.
    According to the paperwork provided by the previous owner...
    Timing chains , both primary and secondary have been replaced. New guides and original primary chain tensioner.
    It was destroyed. The Teeth wore thrue. So it would not lock in place.
    The guides and chain look new. The only guide that looks old is the one located on the valve cover..but it does not look damaged or worn out. Its smooth and ok.

    The advice i am asking:
    Would you know where I can get a better tensioner, or perhaps a different setup.
    IF its normal that the chain can deflect between sprockets by pushing on it with my finger..not too much force exerted.

    Side note.
    When I want to start...its usually has an extended crank.. Replaced Fuel pump asm. Was not strong enough. Check valve is ok.
    Thank you.
    I really want to fix this Saab so I can have this rare car over here..the convertible top is next..

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Many if not all your queries or questions may be answered in the link below

    This site has been a god send to me as a total 205 repair virgin.
    I've since replaced the oil sump strainer mesh. timing chain,sprockets and tensioner. balance shaft chain and sprockets . All guides, oil pump and various seals, gaskets, breather pipe mods and vacuum pipes and much more, All to the conclusion of turning the key and the engine running again nicely.

    Hope this helps

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