Hello, I'm new here on the Forum and I have just purchased my first Saab. It's a 1969 Saab 96 V4 Deluxe and although it needs some work...it's actually in rather good condition.

My first question is about the car's "Build Sheet." Whenever I purchase a new collector car, I contact the manufacturer and purchase a "Certificate of Authenticity", which usually provides information on all of the options that came on my specific car and it's associated numbering, such as the engine number, the transmission number and so on. Given that Saab is no longer in business, I can't contact them for this information.

I was hoping that someone here on the forum can advise me if it's still possible to obtain (purchase) a build sheet for my specific car and if so, from whom?

I would like to know about how the car came from the factory and/or the dealership and which options it had at the time of its built date.

If anyone can shed some light on this issue, I would be greatly appreciative. I've search the Internet to no end and I can't seem to find anywhere that discusses the original build sheets or any originating documentation for my vehicle. - Even finding out that they can't be obtained would help...at least I won't waste any more time looking for them.

Thank you,