I've had a few things done lately, I thought I'd share. I didn't do the work, I had the Saab spa do it.

One was, there was a sound on cold startup that I thought was a fan; it would fade after driving. Turned out to be a loose manifold. They had to drill out 2-3 bolts and replace them. One side-effect is that the Turbo purr I've been used to since I bought the car is gone. LOL this whole time I thought that was just what Turbo sounded like.

The other was, I had the linage on the shifter (manual) changed. What was happening was, sometimes it would pop out of 2 or 4 unless I was really firm with it. I mentioned it months ago but the spa only noticed last spring. IN any case, the shifting is much tighter now; at first it was like learning to shift all over again. Also fixed up was a shim that prevents the stick from being thrown too far over. Makes 5 and R and little harder to find for now. One again, I got used to driving the car one way, now I've learned the rower isn't meant to be a bag of slush.