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    9000 CDE 2.3T MY 95

    Noise and vibration after putting lowering springs

    Dear Saab owners,

    I would like to share my issue with you in case some someone had the same issue and found a solution.

    I own a SAAB 9000 CD 2.3T MY 1995. I got it from my father which he bought it new 24 years ago. The car now has around 270,000 km (168,000 miles) and the engine still goes great.
    Six months ago I decided to improve the handling/steering so I bought lowering springs and strut brace from Maptun. I also replaced the shocks and struts with new ones (OEM) and all the bushings on the steering arms and front/back sway bars.

    Then I realized the car started to vibrate a lot during acceleration. I felt vibration on the floor, the seat and on the steering wheel. Some Saab owners from other forums said the lowering caused this as the position of the drive axles changed and recommended to replace the inner cups. I followed their advise and ordered left & right inner cups - which they were quite expensive as they were genuine Saab- I also found from ebay new complete drive axles made by OPC at a very low price.

    So I took the parts and ask the mechanic to replace the old with these. It seems that the new drive axles were not for my model as they couldn't fit. The mechanic told me that the old tripod bearings had a little play but still OK, so he re-used them with new grease.

    The result

    I still have vibrations at acceleration, and now I have a strange noise after ~110km/h especially when I have passengers. The noise is like there is a helicopter above me all the time. As mentioned this noise appears after ~110km/h at any gear at the slightest step on the throttle pedal. I can feel that noise on the steering wheel also.

    I also have vibrations on the steering wheel when I press the brake which I believe it is coming from the discs, although they are 15,000 km old (PAGID). The wheel were already checked for balancing

    My questions

    Should I replace the tripods with new ones (OEM)?
    Should I replace the outer CV joints with new from SKF? What are the symptoms of a failing
    Should I replace the front wheel bearings with new from SKF as well? They were never replaced and maybe is related to some noises and vibrations

    Thank you in advance for your answers

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    Check the under tray (the fairing under the engine) if it is not secure you may well get vibration. You have reduced the ground clearance so airflow under the car has changed and this part is there to manage the airflow.

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    9000 CDE 2.3T MY 95
    Just to give an update on this

    Last month I replaced on both sides inner tripods, CVs, bearing hubs, brake disks and pads and the problem is now gone

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