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    Wheel bearing sizes

    Can Anyone please share the wheel bearing numbers and sizes for the front and rear wheels?
    I am trying to change the wheel bearings and I am not sure about the wheel bearing sizes.
    And please suggest me if there is any trick or work around to remove the bearings easily without taking apart the whole axle

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    Hi Shyam,

    I recently did the front wheel bearings on an '85 900 Turbo. I did not do the rear bearings, so I can't help you there.

    The Bearing that worked for me
    Outside Diameter: 75mm // Inside Diameter: 42mm

    I bought two of Timkin bearings and one FAG bearing at RockAuto. The size of these bearing are the same AND when you order a Timkin bearing and open the box, guess what? It's an FAG bearing. So save yourself the $25 and buy the FAG bearing.

    It was my first time doing this job and I made a lot of mistakes. It took me three attempts to do the first wheel bearing. With the first attempt, I mistakenly took the brake dust cover off the spindle, forgot, and then pressed in the hub! There is no way to put the brake dust cover thing back on the spindle with the hub on and unfortunately, I don't know how to pull the hub out of the the new bearing without destroying it. So there went that work. I wasn't very happy at that point. Don't make that same mistake.

    On the second attempt, I pressed the bearing into the spindle, but in the process, I kinda over pressed and inner race got real sloppy. I basically blew it out.

    On the third attempt, I used the old bearing's inner race on the back side of the new bearing. These way, as I pressed the bearing in the front of the spindle, there was resistance on the inner race on the backside, so I couldn't blow it out again. Worked perfect!

    I hope that helps. Good luck.



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