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    image feature doesn't seem to work!

    aeronaut has reported a post.

    The image feature doesn't seem to work!
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    New lower control arms and bushings, ball joints and sway bar bushings installed.

    What a difference in the steering and handling of the car. And along with the new tires, new subframe bushings and an alignment it feels like a new car.

    Also even after all this work there was still an annoying rattle on the passenger side when going over bumps. Turns out if was the second of proparts sway bar links I had installed 3 years ago. I had saved the old ones so now both old sway bar links are back on the car as the drivers side had broken completely off last year. Note to self - do not buy the proparts sway bar links. Other proparts parts have been ok but not the links.

    Now the car is smooth as silk and really turns in well with very precise steering.


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    I think I corrected the problem with the linked images and I updated your post with the image you were trying to embed.



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