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    Seat exchange possible?

    I'm a long time owner/enthusiast of Saabs ( 13 and counting since 1975 ). I currently have a 95 900se Turbo Convertible that I Autocross and want to replace the seats on.
    I came across a wrecked 94 aero 9-3 in front of a wrecker yard near me with the front seats complete and in tact. Fortunately I got to them when i did as it was a few minutes away from the crusher and bought both seats at a great price with all the electrical connections, trim, track etc. on impulse.
    Long story short, Now that I've sobered up, I want to put these seats in my 900 ng. Anyone have some insight on what kind of a horror story I've brought upon myself?
    If it's too much of a hassle I will resell the seats for a modest profit and invest in new upolstery, but I really do like these seats, having had an O3 Aero and liking the seats would like to put them in.
    Advice appreciated.

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    Aside from the obvious power connection change if you have power seats, there will be the frame rail change and afraid you are going to need to pull one of the seats and decide for yourself if it is to much of a hassle.



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