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    Remember my age

    I am a member of both this forum and UK Saabs, both excellent places to find help however, recently I am seeing more and more issues that I would associate with ageing rather than wear and tear. So this is really just a reminder for everyone that, despite its cosmetic condition your Saab is getting on a bit.

    The youngest Saabs are now at least eight years old and that means things like bushes and exhaust hangers are nearing the ends of their lives, if they haven't been replaced already. It is possible that coolant and vacuum hoses will need to be checked and replaced soon too as might brake hoses.

    If your car is older than that you have probably replaced a lot of these parts already but remember rubber parts have a limited life. Be prepared and have a good look around the engine bay, it is much easier to replace parts at home than it is to find them in the middle of the night miles from the nearest town.

    Well maintained cars can keep running for many years but it would be foolish to expect any vehicle to do that without some attention.

    The other problem area I have seen reported often is electrical. One reason for electrical problems is moisture which causes corrosion in connectors. This is far less of a problem in vehicles with climate control, as long as you don't switch the air conditioning off, because there is less moisture inside the car. A clot bag or rice can act as a very effective desiccant if you have a condensation problem.

    The other reason for electrical problems is, no real surprise, previous owners. If a previous owner modified the wiring in any way you may have difficulty in finding problems. The easy answer is to get a copy of WIS and either record the changes from standard or revert the car back. Either way you need all the information you can get.

    To summarise, if you have a car covered by WIS download a copy, its Windows only, and you will have the best information available. If your car is older than that, Saab paper manuals are excellent but not cheap, they can soon prove cheaper than replacing the wrong components.

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    A sad fact that all Saabs are now old. Some less old than others. In Germany, I think they call them youngtimers because they are not old enough to be classic cars yet.



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