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    Saab 9-5 Sports Mode Query

    Hi There,

    I own a 2004 9-5 Auto 2.0t which has an LPG conversion fitted.

    My consumption is pretty awful averaging about 21 MPG over all. Much of my driving is on dual carriageways with the cruise control set at 70 MPH or slightly slower. Admittedly this is a cost equivalent of about 45 MPG but if I was getting 45 MPG or even 35 MPG it would make my motoring seriously economical.

    Since i have owned the car, the sports mode button has done nothing except illuminate the lamp on the instrument display. It never affects the gear change at all and I wondered if there is any possibility that the car is running permanently in sports mode?

    It has the tiptronic paddles on the steering wheel and the auto gearbox will not stay in 5th gear below 50 MPH which i seems pretty fast to me and it changes down with very slight including s to 4th then 3rd gear. Any ideas anyone?

    Apart from that it’s a great car.
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    Hi. I would start by ckecking adjustment of wastegate

    If the wastegate is to lose adjusted you will delay the turbo. to hard adjusted will risk damaging the engine
    Next secure that you have exakt the right sparkplug for the engine and the LPG conversion

    Saabarne Sweden



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