What is WIS?
WIS is the Saab Workshop Information System it contains all the manuals for a range of Saab cars, though not the 9000. In most cases the information is exhaustive and well illustrated and contains links to other tasks required to accomplish a replacement or adjustment. Its companion is the EPC Electronic Parts Catalogue, this may not be completely up to date but searching with a part number will usually result in the updated part number being offered.

Why do I need it?
If you want to do any work on your Saab you need the best possible information to work with. What could be better than the manufacturers original documentation? Access to part numbers is invaluable.

There is a minor problem with WIS and that is that it only runs on Windows. The link is to a Windows 10 version but originally it was written for XP. An on-line version is also available but using it is a very different experience, if you are able to do so the downloaded version is a better user experience.

I use a Mac what can I do?
I am a Mac user too but I bought a Windows tablet specifically to run WIS and EPC, I have probably saved more than it cost over the years because I can find out pretty much all I need without paying main dealer prices.

If you don't want or can't afford a Windows tablet then the on-line version, here https://saabwisonline.com/c13/?s= , works but I find it clunky after the installed version.

Where can I get WIS?
Right here http://saabworld.net/showthread.php?t=33310

Enjoy having access to the best manuals for your car.