Purpose:Here I will do my best to show you how to remove the gas tank from you Saab 96 V4 (I'm not sure if it is the same for the strokers, but I would assume it's no different). Also, this is just a guide, I'm not perfect so don't expect these directions to be perfect! I am doing my best to include all steps, but some minor ones might have been left out. Be careful, and always use jack stands. Also, my car is a 1973 96... that is what all the pictures are from.
Difficulty: Easy, but be patient
Time: 30 min to an hour
Tools: Metric wrenches, pliers, Phillips head screw drivers, car jack, jack stands
Pre-step: Drain the gas tank into a container (reuse it if it's good, get rid of it properly if it's filled with rust... like mine). The drain plug is underneath the car, directly beneath the gas tank.
1) Fold the back seat down... all the way. Roll the back carpet/floor cover all the way up (into the car cabin) to get it out of the way.
2) Remove the rear floor panels (should be two; one for the spare tire, one that covers the gas tank)
3) Remove the spare tire
4) Loosen the lug bolts on the wheel that has the gas tank filler next to it (driver's side for us in the US)
5) Jack up the car by this wheel, and put it on some Jack stands.
6)Remove the wheel. Behind the wheel at about 2 o'clock you should see two metal pipes coming out of the car; one big one small. Disconnect the the tubes from these pipes. (See picture below)
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7) Disconnect the ground from the top of the fuel tank using a screw driver (right hand side, on top). Also, Disconnect the fuel tank vent (left hand side, on top). Don't worry about breaking the old metal pinch clamps... zip ties can easily replace them.
8) Disconnect the fuel line. It's on the front of the tank, on the left hand side. Mine was just a tube I could pull off.
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9) Unscrew the screws that are securing the straps, and then remove the straps. The straps most likely will be stuck, so pull them off, but be careful not to bend them... just for the sake of looks.
-OK, now you should be looking at something like this (but the vent and ground are disconnected).
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10) Wiggle/pull the tank loose. The sound deadening material used as most likely caused the tank to be stuck. Just pull the tank free, but you can't just pull the whole tank straight out.
11) Once the tank is loosened, I'd put the drain plug back in so you don't get any gas dripping in you car. Now, lift on the opposite side of the filler tubes, and lift that straight up, and lift the tank out.
-If you see this, then you have done it correctly (thats my gas float there).
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12) To get the tank back in, just do the steps in reverse (I re-attached the straps last though). Getting that rubber seal, that is around the filler pipes, back in the whole correctly is tricky, but do-able.
Also: If you are doing this because your gas tank is rusty, I used Purple Power De Ruster. While not blown away by the results, it worked well and was pretty inexpensive.

Good luck, and PM me with any questions.