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    ACC blend door issues

    The abnormally cold weather made me realize that my 99 9-5 wagon 2.3t was blowing cold on the drivers side and hot on the passenger side. Checked on WIS and found the issue was a broken "arm" as well as the shaft that the arm was connected to. Ordered the 1 piece aluminum option and was able to get it on (had to cut out the opening a little to allow the aluminum sleeve to fit through the hole). But the question I have is in regards to the plastic bushing that came with the new part. Its supposed to connect to a rod that operates a flap in the floor that I am assuming affects the vents going to the rear seat. There was no rod in there. Over the summer, I had pulled the carpet out for a complete detailing job and never noticed any rod laying around in that area. Is it possible that my ride doesnt have one of those rods? I really dont want to pull the seat out and remove that front carpet again. At least not until it gets into spring.

    I also checked for fault codes after fixing it (and it does work correctly) and I get code 8 and 11 meaning the blend doors on both sides are not working correctly. I will dig into the RH side later to confirm and check on that rod/arm/motor later but for the moment, it seems fine.

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    I'm guessing that you replaced the blend door arm on the driver's side. The rod for the back seat vents is only on the passenger's side. I have two 9-5s, and the rod has popped out of the arm on both of them over the years, but it should still be visible sticking up if you're looking on the passenger's side and have the glove compartment out.

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