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    21 May 2019
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    2002 9-5 Wagon
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    I have a crush on my wagon (and I have too much time on my hands).

    Just looking to get some thoughts on a couple of things now that I've rekindled my love affair with my 2001 9-5 wagon.

    Last week I finally did a stage 1 from BSR to unleash the "enormous power" from my 2.0t. It made a huge difference and transformed her from a lazy snail to a snail that actually has a bit of pep. It's the only mod I've done so far and have no intentions of this being the first step to a stage 5 monster (it's a 2.0 LPT after all) but I may go ahead and drop a K&N in and possibly replace the back muffler (MAY). Any thoughts on the drum style K&N in the stock housing adding anything to a stage 1 tune? Same for a rear muffler besides a little bit of exhaust tone and a bit less restriction? Basically I'm just looking to get the most from the stage 1 upgrade. I drive her like the aging Grandad I am so either way she's going to keep having an easy life.

    Thanks in advance for any perspectives.

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    Ive looked into the K&N filter option and as I see it, theres no need for it. Cars are designed to operate under specific settings and conditions. By going with that style of filter, you change how the car runs and how the computer controls it, often times for the worse in the long haul. Now, what that option does is allows you to hear the turbo kick in a little louder.
    So, is it worth it to shorten the life and potentially cause long term issues just so that it sounds cooler? Nit in my opinion but thats just me. My 1999 9-5 wagon 2.3t is quick enough and I spin tires on dry pavement as it is. I see no need for the sound of the turbo. But again, just my opinion.

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