Hi, I have just joined Saab World as I'm looking to buy my second Saab in 40 years.

I had my first Saab back in the 80's and loved it but I took a new job as sales person for a Jaguar Rover triumph dealer in London and they gave me a nice new TR7 to drive so the Saab became surplus to requirement (as they say) I have missed my Saab since then and now I'm looking to get another one that I hope will see me out (getting on a bit now lol)

If anyone could help bring me up to date with what to look for I would be very pleased to hear from you.

I would really like a 9-3 diesel convertible as I just love the shape with the hood down and diesel's are still cheap to tax so that would be good, Thing is what do I need to look for when I'm inspecting one with a idea to buy it?

Any help would be nice, or just say hello.