hey guys, I recently did headgasket, timing chain, and water pump on my 9-3 linear. Im just happy I didnt mess the timing up on my 9-3 like I did on my 9-5 . well almost all the leaks are gone and the motor is happy, only leak I have left is from the oil level sensor. I just wanted to run it by and see if anyone has dropped their oil pan in their 2.0 and has any advice and how well it went seeing as I cant find any info on WIS for this. I need to know if their is a gasket or if I have to use something like rtv gasket maker when I go to reinstall it. do I have to remove motor mounts? its been a minute since I have been under car so dont remember what it looks like under there but I have a new exhaust system on the way so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone while Im under the car. I appreciate any advice.