I'm replacing the convertible top on my 2003 with a good used top, but I'm reusing my headliner, which has a couple of issues. I missed a few details on taking things apart, and I can't find any pictures or diagrams that show how the elastic straps are connected. I understand how the straps are connected in the front, but are they also riveted to the side? There is a strap that goes to the back shaped like a "Y." I figure one leg goes to the window, 1 is attached to the lowest portion of the headliner by the back seat, and the 3rd one would seem to towards the back, but I can find no attachment point.

Does anyone have any pictures or diagram of how these headliner straps are attached? The Saab video seems to gloss over this. Its not the most important thing, but since I have spent so much time on this, I would like to be it right.