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    Spacers on 17" or bigger new 18"s?

    One of my tires busted so I'm about to get a new set and finally get rid of the crappy tires the old owner put on.

    I'm thinking of going in one of two directions:

    1) Get new tires on the stock 17"s which look great as they are, and get some spacers, which would provide a lot of offset (+42 to +27 I think).

    2) Buy new 18"s along with some new tires to go with those
    Potential wheel:

    I'm leaning towards option 1[/B] but I'm weary about spacers. Heard mixed thoughts about them.
    Currently running these stock 17"s with a ~1"(?) ride height drop
    Any advice is appreciated.

    Pics of my current wheels and ride height:

    Name:  IMG_0592.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0614.jpg
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    I've never used spacers. I don't really want them. It's just another thing to break. I'd prefer wheels with the proper offset. If the offset is a few mm less, that's usually ok. For example, I think the 9-3SS was 42 mm (I should look it up). The 9-5's 49 mm on a 9-3SS is sort of ok but a 38-40 mm is better. I used my stock wheels for the OEM all seasons for awhile then I mounted snow tires on them. I used new wheels for summer tires. The offset was 2 mm less (lower number). It was fine.

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