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    24 Jun 2021
    SA TX

    Selling my 9-4x

    Well, I'm done. My seventh and last Saab. Went out on top though.

    108k miles. Really good shape. Standard SRX issues. I fixed the sunroof issue years ago. Passenger side mirror has clear coat failure and the rear overhang has it too. I can do a Youtube video walkaround if there's any interest. Can't get any pics inserted on the post here, don't know why. I have a bunch.

    Everything works. I figure the O2 sensors are close due to mileage and a code that pops every once in a while.

    I'm in San Antonio, Texas. My name is Joe. Figure it's worth $8500. If you're interested, please text me at 210-336-3612.

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    02 Nov 2021
    95 aero
    Can you supply me with some more info like colour, version (is it an Aero or 3.0i edition, premium), maintenance history?

    Thank you



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