Hi all,

sorry in case this has already been covered elsewhere in the forum - I searched, but did not find what I was looking for.

My 1.9 TTID has a small puncture in the intercooler turbo hose and I would like to replace it. Would consider this a five minute and easy job but usually I am only working on a thirty year old land rover and never did anything but changing the tires on the Saab. Do I need anything else than a new hose? Or is it "loosen two hose clamps, take off the hose, fit the new one, tight two hose clamps" as I would think?

I also found two different part numbers: 12777281 and 12822777. Is there any difference between these two? Just asking as I even found them in online shops with both numbers.

Rookie questions.. maybe.. just wanted to be better safe than sorry and would like to fix it in one go withouth maybe having to order more parts. It's my daily driver. Thanks for your help!

Best regards from Hamburg, Germany