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    Front door speaker replacement question

    I have a 2005 9-5 Arc wagon, with the 8 speaker Prestige stereo. I'm considering replacing the left and right dash corner and front door speakers.

    I understand that the signal to the front door and dash speakers is split so that the bass goes to the front door speaker and the midrange/treble goes to the dash speakers. There don't seem to be any good aftermarket options for the dash speaker. The 3-1/2" midrange speakers that would fit really are just midrange, without any treble range above 10,000 Hz or so.

    The other option that seems available would be to get a 6-1/2 component speaker, with the 6-1/2 speaker going into the front door, and the tweeter in the dash. But given that the dash speaker is supposed to handle midrange and treble, I don't know if putting a tweeter there will work.

    Any experience from anyone who replaced the front door and dash speakers would be welcome. Thanks!

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    Crutchfield supposedly has speakers that will work in the dash as well as front doors. Just keep in mind that you are running on a 2ohm system.
    I chatted with them thru their website and they claim that the speakers they have will work. I just couldn't justify the cost on my Saab as it's pretty beat up.

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