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    1994 900S convertible

    classic saab newbie

    just bought a burgundy '94 900s convertible. Completely new to saabs! any and all tips and tricks would be incredibly appreciated. Here's a little vid of us driving it home.


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    Congratulations and good driving.
    With any vintage or specialty vehicle you don't absolutely need to become your own expert, but the more you know the less it costs to keep one on the road.

    When these cars were new the same part with a GM number always cost less than the identical Saab number part and GM doesn't publish a part number cross reference list for Saab so a little research can save you a lot of money.

    Shop for parts before you need them, especially ABS brake parts if your car has the Teves ABS system, all the original parts numbers have obsoleted, working brakes are really important and the accumulators only last so many years. Knowing that the very same operating pressures and attaching thread size are the same for hundreds of Fords and Chevy part numbers which can be had for less than half the price of the Saab part really helps to take the sting out of keeping your brakes working as they should.

    Of course some parts are Saab only parts and finding parts for any 25 year old car can be challenging, this will help when the need arises. https://www.car-part.com/



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