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    My Saab 9-5 Aero 2001 (Needs a lot of help)

    Hello Everyone.

    This might be a weird request or post.

    I recently go a 2001 Saab 9-5 Aero.

    The story about the Saab is, The previous owners abandoned, the Saab and has fled to another country (From what i could gathered it was a business deal that south fast)

    So the Saab has abandoned at a apartment complex for about 3 years, so a Recovery service, came and took the car and stored at them for another year and a bit. That's when i saw it, and i tried everything to get it and after about a year i got it. With no history, No documentation, or anything for the Saab.
    The only thing i have is the key.

    So here is the thing i need help with.

    Sourcing new locks and keys
    I have no idea if the previous owner still have the other key or not, I know it's a mission and a half to remove and replace them. But I don't want to find out, if he has the other key.

    I know the Saab is going to some time to get back onto the road, but I'm willing to fix it up properly.

    I did see, that you are able to push it back into the ignition barrel, but the cylinder itself is damaged, with the barrel, so i have to get that whole unit replaced.

    By the looks of things they tried to reprogram the onto the antenna chip and not the TWICE module's, but they failed, Because you do need a Tech2, to almost do anything with the modules and remarry it.
    From what i could see as well, the Key fob got wet.

    The Saab is in pretty good shape, even thou i had to turn it on with a screw driver, but it came alive.

    I dont have an issue sharing the VIN number aswell.

    Here are some pictures of my Saab.

    Name:  MG_20211101_112706_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  MG_20211101_112755_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  MG_20211101_112759_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  MG_20211101_112807_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  WhatsApp Image 2021-11-05 at 14.24.46.jpg
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    Dave T.
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    Stay active in Saabworld. Eventually I may want to send you a private message about your car!

    What do others think of using a steering wheel lock along with a screwdriver for the ignition? This might be an alternative to replacing the ignition lock.

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