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    New here

    Hi all, im new to the whole saab thing, i used to make jokes and now i own one, the jokes are now a reality, owning a 9-2x linear for the 2 weeks ive had it has been quite the adventure for me. I finally found a blower motor and holy crap is it hard to get stuff for this car.

    I do have a question, what subaru uses this exact drivetrain? I want to know since i plan to do some engine dressup and mods but would want to know what subaru also uses this exact drivetrain.

    Also, alot of the parts sources in the tab dont work anymore, anyone know of some places in jersey or online?

    Thanks and take care,

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    Mechanically speaking drivetrain is drivetrain where transmission is stick or auto and engine is turbo or not. Look at WRX 2.5 for turbo dress up kits. The big differences between Saab and Subaru are upgraded upholstery, fancy sheet metal and the sport tuned suspension that makes the stick shift Saab so much more fun to drive.
    For most people the 9-2 is a Subaru dressed in Saab clothing, but I can assure you that Saab software is not 100% Subaru compatible so be careful changing out engine and body control stuff. Dressy chrome stuff is fine, but tuning????



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