Is it just me or did Hyundai pick up on an almost 15-year old SAAB design when they redesigned their Tucson SUV for 2022? The 9-4X was first presented at the Detroit Auto Show in 2008!

When I saw the first Tucson photos, I especially thought the rear three quarters view resembled the 9-4X. Yesterday, I saw the new Tucson in the wild for the first time and the resemblance is even more apparent in real life. Those taillights could have been the next iteration for a 9-4X facelift in the mid 2010s, I think. Crazy?

Am I alone or anyone thought the same? SAAB's Anthony Lo went to Renault after designing the 9-4X and is now with Ford, so it's not him ;-)

I myself still use my 9-4X (that I bought new) as a daily driver and am happy to see how timeless the design is. Hope it will be still going for many more years!