I need winter tires next winter though I could delay it by another year. Then I thought what is Nokian going to do. Lots of the Finnish tire company's production is in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I searched and found this...


Finland-based Nokian Tyres is shifting production of some of its key product lines from Russia to Finland and the United States to prepare for possible further sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the company said....While running its factory near Saint Petersburg at full capacity, Nokian says it has started transporting tires out of Russia to warehouses closer to its customers.


The company also could not say whether the move would be temporary or permanent as the situation is evolving.

The tire maker says it has been ramping up production in Finland and the US to respond to increasing demand, but still produces approximately 80% of its annual capacity of 20 million tires in Russia, where it employs around 1,600 people, Reuters reported.
I bought some Nokian tires once. They were great. They were made in Finland. Their first US plant opened in Tennessee last year. I would not buy a Nokian tire that was made in Russia. I knew that the majority of tires are made in Russia but didn't know it was 80%.