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    2002 Saab 9-3 Alarm and door locks

    Hello! When I first purchased my car, the remote door locks worked somewhat, not every time I pushed the remote buttons. The same day I purchase the car the alarm would go off randomly and I couldn't shut it off but eventually the alarm batteries drained and it stopped. So the next day I removed the alarm module in the left front wheel well and it seem to solve the alarm issue. But then the remote door locks stopped working leaving me to lock/unlock the doors using the key. Does that alarm module have anything to do with preventing the remote door locks from working? The batteries in the key fob are new and I did the sequence to tell the car there's a new battery. BTW, I purchased a new set of batteries and and caps for the alarm to rebuild but haven't gotten it on the bench yet. Oh and yes, I do have a Tech 2. Thanks!!!!

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    I had a 1999 9-3SE but no longer. I don't remember about the alarm.



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