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    Replacement Keys/Fobs

    Anyone in need of a replacement due to their original sort of decomposing/perishing.
    I've tried 3 or 4 of these from various sources.
    The one I've just received today is superb, looks and feels like the genuine article.
    It's avaliable as just a shell or with a choice of blank keys.
    Link below.
    Saab Key

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    Dave T.
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    There's a planned highrise condo building in the Miami area being built where each unit has their own private garage. A car elevator brings the car, passengers and driver inside, to their floor.

    The faucets will have a rubbery coating. These designers either don't care or haven't heard of the problems in Saab 9-3 and other cars where the rubbery coating wears out.
    Meanwhile the condo's interiors also nod to Bentley's distinctive style. The grippy texture of the cars' metal shift knobs, for instance, are applied to bathroom faucets, while deep walnut shades, high-polish finishes and textured leathers are used throughout the property.

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    It was purchased from Alibaba platform! My 9-5 key is also rotten. It is very cheap to order one from the local website. I remember that it cost about 20 yuan, about 2.5 euros. The quality is very good, but I haven't gone to the maintenance station to replace the gear.



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