Just bought a 2003 9-3 SE Convertible, 99,733 miles. Has a slight oil leak on left side of engine. When driving it home, it did perfectly fine for the 20 min drive. About 3 mins after I parked it and turned it off, I noticed white smoke coming from where the coolant reservoir is. Then I watched coolant spew out from under the hood and made a complete mess under the car. Figured the wrong coolant/oil was used previously. So I did an oil change with Mobil-1 5w-40 full syn + K&N filter, and did a coolant “flush” (removed lower radiator hose, let drain, then refilled with dexcool 50/50 mix). Went for a test drive, was fine for 10 mins, then I saw more white smoke and coolant spewing again. All the while the coolant temp gauge stayed at normal temp, right in the middle, and engine ran just fine. After some research seems like bad head gasket.. just need some help please.