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    Who's building a V4?

    Trying to bring life to the Saab 92,93,95,96 & Sonett forum !!!
    Starting my V4 build would love to share ideas, suggestions, possible connections? I'm in the states, there are a bunch of old timers here and there, some purists, some modding a little and very few going hardcore.

    I'd like to thing I'm "Modding Purist", mostly because these cars are far and few and I'd like to keep it semi original.
    Not new to Saabs, I've owed over 30 but mostly C900 and 9000's. as of right now I have a 2011 9-5, 2003 Aero, 1986 900CV, 1992 900CV and a couple parts cars. The 1971 96 V4 I've owned about three weeks.
    1.7 slight overbore *due to cylinder wall condition. Decked block, new bearings (of course)
    Good set of pistons
    Isky F4 cam
    *Lifters still researching
    Lightened steel timing gear set
    High volume oil pump
    Adding capacity to oil pan (maybe a quart)
    Electronic ing, hotter coil and a big fan of MSD 8.8 wires.
    Maybe lightened flywheel, there pro's and con's here..
    Heads I'm still researching...
    ARP goodies.
    I have a 2BBL intake so far.

    Name:  Wet Car.jpg
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    I don't have any experience with these myself but always admire at Saab meets and museums.

    30 Saabs is very impressive. You probably noticed the forum has been quiet lately so good see some new stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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    02 Oct 2022
    Berkshires of MA
    2011 9-5, 2003 9-5 Aero, 1992 900 CV, 1986 900CV, 1971 96 V4
    I'll keep posting my progress, thoughts and pictures.. I hope it sparks some interest and ideas along the way.



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