Hello everyone! I finally got my first Saab! It is a 2.3l engine, 4 cylinder, 2003 model 9-5... I was so excited to get the car I did not even care to give it check over much. I figure for 1kUSD anything is worth it! It currently has about 210k miles on it currently. However, I ran the codes and it turns out there is a lot going on

Does anyone have any helpful tips regarding some symptoms and codes I have? The biggest symptoms right now is a strong smell of fuel coming under the hood and even into the car through the heater. It also has a very hard time starting, I have to pump the pedal once or twice for it to get going. Once it starts it idles rough. Here are the current codes:


Any help, words of wisdom, insight helps a lot! I did order a new Ignition Coil Pack but that would not explain the fuel smell and 9.9MPG fuel economy lol.