Having problems with a2,006 Saab 9-5 2.0 BioPower.
The engine suddenly began to die while driving or left it idling.

Normally it starts well, drives well, and then stops abruptly.
When it dies, it doesn't want to start again, and we'll have to wait a while.

The following parts have been replaced:

Ignition - It didn't release completely so the radio was still on after removing the key. Not an uncommon error. Moved the transponder to the new (used) ignition.

DIC – Received warning lights indicating that DIC was about to die. Replaced it about 3 months ago. No symptom before replacement.

Spark plugs – At the same time as DIC.

The car has been running fine after these repairs and probably not related to this new problem.

Parts that changed after the problem occurred.

Crankshaft position sensor - Symptoms pointed towards this so we changed it. The cable was a little damaged, so we thought that was the problem. (No difference)

Battery - Couldn't crank more than a minute before it died completely.

Fuel pump relay - just in case, cheap part. (No difference)

When I turn on the ignition, the pump runs for a few seconds as usual.
Was considering the fuel pump but it starts as usual even when the car doesn’t start.

After changing the relay, I startedand stopped the car 10-15 times without any problems. Drove the car around the parking lot for 10 minutes, no problem.
Parked the car and left it running.
5 minutes later it was dead again.

When trying to start the engine, it smells of gasoline behind the car, so we ruled out any fuel-related problems this time.

Tried to get the error codes but my computer won't connect to the car. (tried on another car with no problems so it's not the computer.)
There is power on the OBD port and the connector and cable harness look good.

Any ideas
What to check next?

And... The solenoid that releases the gear lever does not work so we have to press the small button next to the gear to shift. This has been a problem for about a year.