I have a 2011 Saab 93 turbo4 with 2L gasoline engine. Recently I discovered that the sub-frame is badly rusted and even has a hole. It will likely not pass inspection.
I found two sub-frames in www.b-parts.com one is from a 2.2L diesel 2003 Saab 93 (in better shape as seen from the picture) and one from a 2L gasoline Saab 93 model. They look a little different from each other seen from the pictures. Both of them have the same 4 letters in their Vin# as mine - YS3F.
How do I ensure I order the right sub-frame that will fit mine, from b-parts or from any other junk yard? I am in the sate of New York.
Any advise from experienced members would be really helpful.
If anyone from NY that can refer me to a good mechanic who can do a good job would be helpful as well.
Thank you.