Hi everyone,

Im pretty sure this thread has been started before and I apologize for asking again. A little backstory, I recently cleaned my ISM a couple weeks ago and it took a bit to remove it because I struggled to take it out. I cleaned it and such and when I plugged the ISM back in, the display said Key Not Accepted so I bought a new ism and this time the Display didnt say anything at all. No chime or anything. The only thing that showed was the mileage. The interior lights, as soon i pressed the button to turn on the light they turn on, but immediately turn off. I was hoping this could've been solved by replacing the battery bc they said the battery is not good, but still having thr same issue. The key doesn't turn or nothing. Any advice would be great. Thanks for reading.

Edit: My saab is a 2006 9-3 aero wagon