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    Mystery pin fell from engine. I have no idea where it goes!

    1998 Saab 900SE with 2.0 and auto transmission.

    Son and I are doing a bunch of work on it. We're replacing the head gasket, timing chain tensioner, alternator, starter, coolant hoses, sensors, gaskets, etc. We also sent the cylinder head to a shop for resurfacing and replacement of valve guide seals.

    Yesterday we finally got the cylinder head back on, and timed the crank and cam sprockets. While looking at the crank pulley I noticed a hollow, steel cylinder or bushing on the garage floor, under the engine.

    Links contain pics. It looks like a precision-made cylinder or bushing; highly-polished steel with no plating. And there was a film of oil on it. The length is 40.89 mm, the outer diameter is 8.96 mm, and the inner diameter is 6.15 mm.

    The problem is that I have no idea where it goes! Anyone have an idea of where it goes? It's also possible that it did not come from the engine, but instead came from a tool in my garage.






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