Hi all.
Just bought my first saab. Its a 2008 93 face-lift. 1.9 tid aero 150bhp

So I bought as a project so naturally there are a few issues needing to be addressed. Just want to get peoples takes on the issues and what I think they are first before I go digging in.

Problem1. Clutch! Yes I bought it with the clutch not working. However I'm hopeful it may be more simple. The clutch friction plate is fine. I can mesh the gears against each other and the car will begin to move without engaging the clutch. I the pedal seems OK to me and returns. Just isn't disengaging the clutch. I believe this is either just air in the system (hopfully) or a faulty slave (more difficult fix). Plan is to try bleeding it and if that fails there's I don't see another choice but remove the box and inspect the slave and clutch. Is there a better way to verify the issue before going to that extent? How would you all tackle that?

Problem2. The bootlid will not pop. I've done a bit of research and apparently there is a cable along the boot hinges that breaks commonly. This will be my first check. If anyone else has came across other potential causes please let me know.

Problem3. The heating does not blow. Hot or cold. So again after a bit of research apparently the blower behind the glove box takes in water from the cabin filter and stops working. Again this is the first thing I will check but is there a way to verify its faulty without just changing it out. Or could their be any other points to check?

Problem4. Lights flicker like a 70s disco even when the cars shut off and key is out. Now there is cheap led type bulbs put in and I don't believe there a Canbus type. So I think just simply swapping these out for the right ones will fix that.

This is everything I've found so far but there may be more once I get stuck in. Is there anything else I should check for on these cars?

Thanks all I look forward to hearing your opinions