I own a 2007 9-5 Aero wagon. In Feb of 202I I purchased from eEuroparts.com an A/C compressor. The part was advertised as a Nissens Saab A/C Compressor (New), SKU 12758380A, "Quality: OEM-Original Equipment" . The original OEM A/C Compressor on my 9-5 Saab, which lasted 14 years, was GM Part#P12758380. The Nissens replacement compressor failed after 33 months of use. The part failed 8 months after the expiration of eEuroparts 24 month warranty. When I purchased the part I was informed that the Nissens A/C compressor was a genuine OEM part.
I am requesting the help of the Saab 9-5 community regarding the following:
1. To your knowledge, was Nissens ever an OEM A/C compressor supplier for the 2007 Saab 9-5 Aero, during the 07 model year?
2. What has been the experience of other 9-5 owners regarding the Nissans A/C compressor, e.g. its reliability, performance, etc.; and
3. Have other members experienced problems with parts advertised as "Genuine OEM" when the part was not a Saab OEM part.

Thank you in advance for your help.