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    2008 Saab 9-5 WTF my fuse box is different!

    Hi all,
    I have a 2008 9-5 and while trying to figure out why my side mirrors don't work completely I of course checked the fuse. Or tried to check it. The fuse box diagram I have and any I checked on line do not match what is in my car. I am talking about the one to the right of the steering wheel.

    It would be great if anyone has any idea of what is going on.

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    Any picture?

    Mine is also 2008 and is same as below link:


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    The problem with the rearview mirror not being able to open? Or is the automatic anti glare function abnormal?
    If it cannot be opened, it is more likely that the thermistor in the rearview mirror has been replaced on both sides of my rearview mirror.
    If it is an anti glare abnormality, check if your rearview lens is supported (usually with a thick border and a plug on the back). If it is supported, it is likely that the lens has failed, and in the event of failure, the lens will turn yellow (dark brown).



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