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    A/C evaporator suspected cause of oily leak into cabin

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    My 1991 SPG (Aero) has an oily leak into the front passenger footwell, underneath the carpet.
    The oil has penetrated below the black soundproofing coating in this car, and weakened it.
    Suspected culprit is the evaporator.
    If it indeed is the cause, How do I get it out to replace it?

    EDIT 10/19/23:
    Detailed inspection of the wire bundles reveals they’re covered in oil. These wires exit the cabin through a gasketed hole on the wall above the wheelwell, behind and just below the power steering reservoir. There is oil inside the rubber gasket (cabin side) and on the outside, by the PS reservoir. The area around the reservoir is oily, too. Seems like an old, slow leak that, somehow, infiltrated through the gasket into the wires and down under the carpet and on the floor.

    More images:
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