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    2011 9-3 Convertible rear panel won't fully close on putting the roof down

    Hi all, New member in the UK and I've got a couple of niggles with a 2011 9-3 TTID convertible.

    The main one is when putting the roof down.
    All is well until the rear panel is closing. It gets almost all the way home, but doesn't quite close. Initially, it was just the one side, sitting a little high. Now, following a good spray of all moving parts with silicon spray, it's the same on both sides, closing a little closer to fully down, but equally open left and right. If I jump out before the rear panel starts to close,, I can see the folded hood sitting just a tiny bit high, and if I give it a gentle push, all is well and the rear panel closes correctly. Next thing I'll be checking is the hydraulic fluid level, but honestly, I've no idea what might cause this issue.

    Has anyone seen anything similar, and if so, how did you fix it?

    As an aside, I have an intermittent steering lock fault light which is of course disrupting the opening and closing sequence - I'm looking at stripping and cleaning the ignition key module as first port of call (I can hear the lock itself unlatch when I insert the key to start the car).

    Any advice, suggestions appreciated, I'm new to Saab :-)


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    Dave T.
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    Welcome to Saab.

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    This system is used on multiple vehicles and the three most common causes of your problem: Fluid, weak seals and loose parts. Start with fluid, 12 years is a long time on a soft hood and who knows if it's ever been checked, if you're adding fluid use soft tissue to make sure your hoses and pistons are dry. Big leaks are obvious, small leaks take a good hands on inspection as do adjustments. Air in the lines will eventually work free, moisture means a fluid flush and odds are you will find a Volvo or Mercedes top manual before you find a Saab if you want to do this yourself.

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    Hi, did you manage to get this working again? I have the same issue with my 2008 9-3 Convertible



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