Dear SAAB enthusiasts,
I have the crankcase ventilation line of my SAAB 9-5 SW 1.9 TiD full of oil spray. So, it seems to me that the solution is to replace the separator and its hoses.
I was searching in internet and I can find much more affordable Fiat parts on ebay. Knowing that the 1.9 turbo diesel engine is the same, are the parts compatible?
Someone can help me?
The separator, according to the EPC, should be 93179199 or 55217793 (NLS) - this has the same part number, but is from Fiat:
The same goes for this tube (SAAB part number 93179200):
And with this one (SAAB part number 55209237):
Are they compatible? By the way, the car is from 2006 and the engine number is less than 17242685.
And... by the way... replacing these parts is a difficult task or can be done by a careful curious person...
Obviously, more tips are very welcome!