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    Headlight Help

    I have been scouring forums for some time and can't seem to get a clear answer about my headlights. 2004 9-3 Aero with HIDs. The projectors seem to function fine, they are always on and function as high beams. All other turning lights, running lights, etc work fine. But there is a pair of H7 bulbs in the housings that do not work at all.

    My theory is that the projectors are DRLs, and the H7s are low beams. They should turn on with the switch. The reason my low beams are so dim is that they are DRLs.

    I swapped in fresh bulbs with no luck. My next guess is that the switch is bad, is that a thing? Does that happen? Next guess is bad wiring somewhere, any leads on that?

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    My 2005 9-3 had halogen lights, not xenons as some models had. The car had a tiny bulb that acted as a daytime running light. The arrangement was laterally a turn signal, then a round projector low beam, then a high beam, then the tiny bulb. The tiny bulb was mainly for aesthetics so that the whole light fixture was lit when the low beams were on and not just the round projector low beam round light.



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