I have been fortunate enough to find this site and use many of the recommendations on it to help me in repairs. I am now in need of help with my specific problem. I have read through tons of posts on this situation, but have not found any that match mine or a solution.
I have a 2003 9-3 Linear with the 2.0. Last summer, I needed to replace the destroyed flex pipe on our exhaust. I pulled the car into the driveway, jacked up the front drivers side of the car to give me access, cut out the front and rear of the old pipe and removed. I had purchased a replacement piece from the local parts store, but it was not correct. So... had to order the correct pipe and wait for it to arrive. The car sat in its position for around two weeks before i received the part and had time to finish the job. Replaced the pipe, dropped the car down a started it up. Sounded great, problem fixed. This is where my nightmare begins...
Placed car in reverse, pulled back into the street. Placed it in drive and.... nothing. Just revving. I suddenly have no reverse or drive, nothing. Grabbed a few friends to help push it to a safe location at my house, where it remains today. I had had no transmission issues prior, but have not had a transmission since.

Since that time, I have done the following:
  • Maybe I cut something in the tunnel while removing the pipe. Checked, but nothing exposed in the tunnel to cut.
  • Maybe I had somehow leaked fluid out below the acceptable level. Fluid level checked fine.
  • Perhaps debri moved into a place it shouldn't be with the tilt of the car for a long period of time. Flushed fluid, twice. Same issue.
  • Removed battery for over month to charge. Replaced fully charged. No change.
  • Checked connection of shifter on top of transmission. Connected and moves as it should.
  • Scanned with older OBDII. No codes.
  • No errors on Heads Up Display besides headlight malfunction, which has been an issue for some time.
  • Jacked up car to check mechanical engagement by hand. Park is locked, Drive and Reverse engage Neutral is free.

The car has around 160,000 miles on it and is completely stock.
I am completely at a loss and after this much time, my wife is thinking I am losing my edge. Everything I have checked mechanically seems correct.
Any help/input/direction or guesses would be much appreciated.