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    Adding an image to a forum post:

    Click on the Insert Image icon

    Name:  insert-image-post.jpg
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    A new box will show. There are 3 different ways to add images to your post.

    1) upload from your computer

    Click on the From Computer tab (if not selected) and click Select Files

    Name:  insert-image-computer.jpg
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    Select the file(s) you want to upload and click Upload Files. They will automatically be inserted in your posts.

    Name:  insert-image-computer2.jpg
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    2) Link from another website

    Click on the From URL tab and paste the image link. Leave the check box unchecked (default). This was the only option we had before.

    Name:  insert-image-url.jpg
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    3) Import from other website and upload to SaabWorld

    Same as #2 but check the box. This will retrieve the image from the other website, upload to SaabWorld and insert in your post all at the same time.

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    Uploading and using images in your posts

    Using the Attachment Manager for more control over your images and other file attachments.

    Start a new post and scroll down. Or you can Edit an existing post and go to Advanced editing mode. Click on the Manage Attachments button in the Additional Options area.

    The Attachment Manager window will open. Click on Add Files to select new files on your computer or click-and-drag existing files you uploaded before into the lower part of the window.

    Name:  image2.jpg
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    When you click on Add Files, a window will open so you can select files on your computer. Use the Shift or Control keys to select multiple files.

    Name:  image4.jpg
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    After you selected the files you want to use, click on the Upload button.

    Name:  image3.jpg
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    When the upload is finished, thumbnails of files will show in the lower part of the window. These are all the files that are going to be attached to your post.

    Name:  image5.jpg
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    By default, they will show up at the bottom of your post marked as Attached Images. If you want use any of these images anywhere in your post:

    - Click the position in your post where you want the image to appear
    - Select the image you want to use in the Manage Attachments window
    - Click Insert Inline

    Name:  image6.jpg
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    - Your post will show 2 ATTACH tags and an image number or a thumbnail of the image. That's it.

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