Each Mellow Yellow buyer was presented with a limited edition watch. Many promotional watches are inexpensive but IWC is a well-known brand.


In 1997 Saab produced a special version of its 900 CE Cabrio, which was called “Mellow Yellow”. Every buyer of this car received a special edition of the IWC Mark XII Pilot’s Watch. Limited to 210 pieces this has become a true collector’s item and you won’t find many for sale. Besides the print on the dial there are more changes compared to the regular Mark XII Pilot’s Watch.

WC made more than a few changes to the Mark XII and probably the most visible is the yellow strap and the printing on the dial. Instead of “Mark XII Automatic” it now reads “SAAB AUTOMATIC”. The triangle at the 12 position, which is so typical for pilot watches, has been replaced by the Arabic number 12. Maybe you wouldn’t have noticed it at first glance, but the dial isn’t black but dark grey.

The titanium case (stainless steel on the regular Mark XII) is satin finished. The dimensions remained unchanged and measures 36 mm in diameter and 10.40 mm in height. The sapphire crystal has antireflective treatment on both sides and is secured against displacement by drop in air pressure, like IWC does on all pilot watches.

Another typical IWC pilot watch feature are the luminous indices at 3-6-9-12 o’clock, which I find much easier to read at night than most dive watches with luminous hour markers. I guess when waking up during the night, the four luminous markers are easier to differentiate with sleepy eyes, than 12 luminous markers. I always found this a big advantage of the IWC Pilot Chronograph 3717 I used to own. It is water-resistant to 60 m.

The set was completed with Saab embossed in the matching yellow box.
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There currently is one for sale in the Netherlands for € 4,500. I imagine you can find a nice '97 900 convertible for that kind of moeny.