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    Measuring tools

    What does everyone use for their vehicles? Gauges, micrometers, rulers, etc. I was looking in local stores for a tire depth gauge and finally ended up online after not being able to find much.

    Of course you can get the cheapo "made in China" depth gauge for a few dollars/euros on eBay.

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    But this German-made Horex brass gauge for about $15 shipped sounds interesting.

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    Samstag Sales sells German-made tools in the US. I think I could spend a lot of money on that site. They even have Gedore tools.. I remember those as being pricy but some of the best tools you can buy.

    I need a tool for measuring brake rotors/discs. Any recommendations for those?

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    I use this:

    It was in my car from the PO, and it pretty much matches up with what the gauge says on my tire-filler attachment on my compressor. Also, if I happen to veer off into a body of water, I'll be able to open the glove box, grab the gauge, and bash out my window! Or, if I'm stuck upside down in the event of a roll over, I can cut my seatbelt to free myself from the burning wreck!

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    I just use the Saab tire pressure gauge that came with the car It gets the job done...and clips into the glove box perfectly.

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    I have a basic digital caliper that I bought from autozone or Oreilly's or something. It was like $30. I use it to measure everything from tread depth to pad and rotor size. It measures in both standard and metric so for tread depth I just find a quick conversion to x/32 on the net when I need it. The only thing that I hate is when brake rotors have a lip on them. It makes it really difficult to measure. I just fabricate some quick pincer attachments and get pretty close. If I did it again, I would make sure it has offset pincers to that I can measure around things.

    I have this one
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    the coin caliper ... see maintenance../inspection in this page
    tires much be replaced when..........



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