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    Saab 9-5 gear selector casing (automatic) - WIS

    To remove

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    1. Put the gear selector in position N or D.

    2. Remove the screw holding the front part of the gear selector casing.

    3. Remove the front part.

    4. Press up the SPORT button from below.

    5. Unsolder the SPORT button. Lay a guard underneath so the solder does not drip onto the centre console.

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    6. Dismantle the lock and pull up the release button together with the rear part of the gear selector casing. Leave the electric wires in the casing.

    To fit

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    1. Put in place the electric wiring in the lower part of the casing and fit them to the lever. Lubricate the whole U section where the release button runs with grease part no. 82 93 243. Distribute the grease evenly on all three sides so the release button runs easily.ImportantUse only grease with the specified part number due to temperature tolerances.

    2. Fit the release button and press it down together with the selector casing until the screw casing is opposite the hole in the gear selector.

    3. Thread the electric wires through the hole and solder on the SPORT button. Lay aguard underneath so that solder does not drop on the centre console.

    4. Press in place the SPORT button.5. Lay the electric wires in a loop so they do not get pinched and press them into the groove behind the release button.

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    6. Fit the lock to the release button.

    7. Fit the front part of the gear selector casing.

    8. Screw together the gear selector.

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    Just an FYI, I think later model 9-5's don't have the SPORT buttons soldered in. I know 2003's and 2004's use slide-on connectors, making the job much less complicated. I can't speak for earlier models though because I've never taken one apart.

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    Installed mine in my 2004 9-5 without issue with these instructions...The biggest issue I had was removing the tie strap from around the wires connected to the Winter-mode button....this had to be removed due to the lack of slack in these wires...rethreading the wires for the sport button was also a challenge. No soldering involved in my 04...entire job took about a half hour.
    Thanks for the help!

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    Thanks for the feedback and welcome to SaabWorld.

    Here is another helpful thread with some more pictures for future reference: http://saabworld.net/showthread.php?t=666

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    All good info, but like another member, when re-assemblong, an 'L' shaped clip fell out what must have been the shifter lock release button. Now the button doesn't spring back into it's resting position.

    For the life of me, I can't figure out where it goes or exactly how it functions with the various pieces?!?

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    So today I did all of this in order to replace the sliding cover around the gear selector but now my car is idling very high and not running as smoothly. Is there anything done in this procedure that would affect that??

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    Quote Originally Posted by docman View Post
    For the life of me, I can't figure out where it goes or exactly how it functions with the various pieces?!?
    Apparently the 'L' shaped piece discussed in my earlier post, acted in conjuction with the other shifter components to keep the shift lock button in the outward position when not engaged. This piece must have broken off (God only knows from where) on re-assembly. Everything works, the button just needs a little help to engage the lock feature.

    I can't imagine what the shifter could do to cause the irregular way your car is running. Coincidental perhaps???



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