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    Quote Originally Posted by linas View Post
    Which turbo does 2006 Saab 2.0t (B205E) Linear have?
    Should be the Garrett GT17, same as the 2.3t.

    Quote Originally Posted by oviedo View Post
    Personally know one owner with a 2.0 LPT (garret17) with 430.000 kms on it (about 250.000 miles), engine and turbo stock. This owner name is huerta:
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    After MY06, it has a more modern chassis texture. Driving is more GM. But the emission standards are usually Euro IV, which will save more taxes. In China, we call it "glasses girl" because the chrome plating on the front face looks more like sunglasses. The Griffin version has a more minimalist matte front face. This generation of cars in China offers a 2.3-liter 220 horsepower Arc or Vector, as well as a 260 horsepower Aero and a 310 horsepower Hirsch Sport. The interior is only available in black or white with parchment.
    02-05 offers different exterior options in our region, including the Aero Sport package. Driving it is more pure and Saab like. I feel that the quality is better than the 06 model, and the driving style is also more sporty. This generation of car is available in China with a 3.0-liter V6, 2.3-liter 184 horsepower, and 2.3-liter 250 horsepower Aero. My friend drives an Aero with a kit every day, which is very charming.The 9-5 of the 98-01 model has very limited stock in China. I have driven two of them, one is 2.3t and the other is Aero. I don't feel much different from the 02-05 model, but the exterior design has a more Saab 90s flavor.



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