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    Classic 900 Maintenance/Parts Link Directory

    I scour the web regularly for classic 900 information, so I figured it's not hard to add it to this repository, like a sort of online FAQ or public bookmarks page. Some of these links will take you to other forums, others will take you to websites, and anybody who posts a tutorial here will get it linked!

    Use your browser's "find" function (ctrl or Command + F) to search within this document for what you're looking for. I've tried to put keywords in all the titles so searching works like this no matter what you try to search for.

    Some interesting interior speaker mount solutions.
    OEM spectrum analyzer pinout for use with aftermarket radio
    Stereo relocation to lower DIN

    Body, Exterior
    SPG panel installation, removal, and painting guide

    Sticky front handbrake (79-87)
    Changing rear pads, incl. adjustment ('88-'93)

    Roller and ball bearing wear guide

    Climate Control
    Air Conditioning Flush/Recondition/Conversion guide

    Cooling System
    The Cooling System Thread (An agglomeration of everything on the internet having to do with c900 cooling systems)

    Crank Pulley Replacement
    Townsend's instructions (text only, more specific)
    Jeff and Royce's site (pictures, but less specific info)

    Doors and Power Windows
    General info
    Window motor repair
    General power window overhaul

    Driveshafts and axles
    Townsend's writeup

    Electrical System
    Circuit diagrams

    Fuel Injection
    LH specs by year and part number.
    Fuel filter replacement (16v)

    Gearbox/transmission (manual) (see "Bearings" in this index as well)
    Official gearbox manual (big PDF...BE PATIENT it's worth it!)
    Another official gearbox manual, no pictures but a better description of how to set pinion preload
    Replacing primary drive: a step-by-step guide.
    Gearbox info (900aero.com)
    Gearbox info (Jeff and Royce)

    Gearbox/transmission (automatic)
    Borg-Warner Autobox official service manual

    VDO Extra Gauges installation

    Oil Change Instructions
    Early (pre-'89-ish) 16v cam oiler feed tube replacement

    Owner's manual
    1992 owner's manual

    Part Number Index and Cross-Reference (See also: Fuel Injection)
    Part Number Cross-Reference

    Seals and gaskets
    Rear Main Seal (flywheel side) replacement without special tool

    Short throw shifter
    DIY short shift kit without lowering shifter height
    A mirror of that link in case it doesn't work.

    Guide to replacement of Steering Rack boots/gaiters

    Guide to replacement of rear springs
    Guide to relocating rear axle
    Rear shock replacement tutorial

    Timing chain replacement
    B201 timing chain replacement (official service manual)
    B202 timing chain replacement (official service manual)
    B202 In-car timing chain replacement (official service manual)
    B202 In-car timing chain replacement tutorial, DEFINITIVE - COMPLETE WITH PICTURES

    Turbocharging and Performance
    LPT to FPT conversion
    Factory water injection system install This could give you some ideas on how to DIY your own system.

    VIN decoder
    The best one I've found so far

    The definitive guide to wheels

    New Parts vendors
    Eeuroparts. I've had nothing but good experience with them, and they seem to be the cheapest vendor in the USA, but sometimes (rarely) you have to be careful of cheaply-made parts when buying off-brand (cough, EMPI axles, cough).
    The Saabsite. These people know what they're doing, and are affiliated with self-proclaimed SAAB guru Tom Townsend. More misinformation is turning up on their FAQ these days, but they'll never sell you a cheaply-made part. Everything is quality, and their meticulous selection shows in their pricing.
    PartsForSaabs. Has a loyal following in the UK and Canada, not so popular in the USA.
    Elkparts. They're PartsForSaabs's biggest competitor. And they have Quaife limited slip differentials!!
    SaabUSAParts. Some interesting things here that are NLA from other suppliers.
    SAS. SAS sells oddball stuff like overload coil springs and oil pressure gauge kits and whale-tail replicas.
    Wheel Collision Center. They sell wheels. Lots of wheels. Have many kinds for c900. Awesome.
    Skandix. More of a Volvo place, but has some oddball stuff.
    SkanImport.DE A place in Germany that sells some rare 900 parts.

    Used parts vendors
    Saabdepot. They're good for some stuff, but can be terse or not respond via e-mail.
    Also try eBay.
    Tomy Turbo. This guy has used c900 parts. Shoot him an e-mail.

    Also, everybody, feel free to add! We want this to be a Living Document!
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