Some cars are getting bigger but windows are getting smaller. What's the deal with that? I sat in the new 9-5 last weekend and though it felt a bit claustrophobic. Big fat a-pillars, side window sills that come up to your shoulder and you have minimal view of the sky when looking out the front window. I like open, airy vehicles. What''s the deal with these slit-like windows where you can hardly see outside? Do we want to shield ourselves from modern-day traffic jams and other people and feel safe and confined in our little steel cage?

Perhaps it is just me? I hate to admit but I doubt I would ever own the second generation 9-5 because of that.

The biggest offenders.

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I stopped by Ford dealer today and looked at the new Fiesta. While I didn't sit in it, that front windshield looked amazing and it seems you would have great view through the windshield.

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One thing I liked best about my old Mercedes was the excellent view in all directions. Even better than my current 9-5. I could park next to another vehicle and only be a few inches away. No need for parking assistance gizmos..

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