Instructions for the 2006 9-5 with 5-speed manual transmission but should be the same for 2002-2009.

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1. Filler plug
2. Level plug
3. Drain plug

In production, the gearbox is filled with oil and does not require any further oil changes after
that. However, the gearbox is fitted with 3 plugs; one filler plug (1), a level plug (2), and a
drain plug (3). The plugs are used when work is done on the gearbox when the oil is drained.
When checking the oil level and topping up with oil, the level plug is removed and oil is filled
until oil drains from the level plug. Note that the drain plug contains a magnet. When refitted,
the plug threads are coated with threadlocker. A "Dry" gearbox contains 1.9 litres of oil.

To fill

1. Remove the oil level plug using 87 92 590 Tool, oil level plug.

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2. Remove the filler plug using a combination of the following tools:

8 mm Allen bit, short
3/8" - 5/16" bit socket, part no 30 11 673
Universal joint 3/8", part no. 30 17 829
Extension piece with ball 3/8", 75 mm, part no. 30 17 613
Extension piece with ball 3/8", 250 mm, part no. 30 17 639

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3. Fill with oil up to the level of the level plug. Refer to Summary of lubricants and
4. Fit the level plug and filler plug.
5. Fit the main fuse box.